4 thoughts on “Guide to self-publishing, part 2: your author platform

  1. This is so true – so many people, not just in self publishing don’t appreciate the different flatform and benefits to social media.

    They should be used based on what’s working for you, your aims, where your target market operate.

    This is a great little series with some good advice. (So far I’m following in the most part! 😀)

  2. February 2015: Having been doing this for a few months now (since September 2014) I’m starting to appreciate how little social media can really help with book promotion. I watch what everyone else is doing and there’s just too much noise to make an impact! I’m loving twitter more for how it lets me communicate with other writers and book bloggers in a very short, concise way and I’m making some very lovely friends. I think this is its greatest benefit. It’s never going to power your marketing in the same way that your author website will (and – essentially – an email list of subscribers that sign up to receive your updates). And one more point – make absolutely sure that you call your website or blog after you and not your current book/feelings/catchphrases, etc. It needs to be a central hub that can continue long after now and well after book one or two have been written… we’re in it for the long haul, baby!

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