2015; the year to read better

nyr 4I’ve seen a lot of posts by bloggers over the past two weeks outlining what they plan to read in 2015 and why; most of them have a jaw-dropping amount of books to cover, many across lots of wonderfully varied reading challenges, which is great. I keep track of what I’ve read through the Goodreads Reading Challenge and I certainly debated pushing harder and going for a much higher number than last year (I had 36 as a goal and read 48) but then I remembered that I wanted to read a greater variety of books and I didn’t want to feel the way I felt last year, bogged down by how much reading I had set myself to do and getting irritated when I didn’t achieve it. There’s a great article on The Huffington Post about reading competitively, which really struck a cord.

So my New Year’s resolution is not to read loads more books, nor to read the classics, nor to dust off those books I just can’t face, but to read better. I’m going for a target of 50 books but with the strict rule that I am not allowed to read more than one per week. That way I can get a great deal of reading done, but more importantly, I can also free up some evenings to write and do other things with a clear conscience, knowing that I haven’t set any unrealistic targets for myself. I might even try some of those brilliant reading challenges myself – Bookish Bingo or Read Harder perhaps – to mix up my reading choices but not enough to brag!

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