Try before you buy; Grift by Jason Mosberg

This is part of the series, “Try before you buy”, offering self-pubbed authors an instant opportunity to hook you with a very short extract of their new book, one sentence from their best review and to divulge the most interesting writing titbit they have (share and share alike…). Today’s feature is a YA contemporary novel called Grift by Jason Mosberg.

Blurb: Piper is a con artist whose canvas is the city of Las Vegas. She rolls with a crew of young grifters including a card-counting genius, a tourist-hustling pool shark, and a pocket-picking magician. Together, this crew of teenage outlaws live with their mentor Max in the penthouse of a hotel casino. They work hard and play harder. But unlike the others, Piper must balance her hyper-real Vegas fantasy with the reality of raising her 14-year-old half-sister Sophie. Disaster strikes when the Las Vegas mafia kidnaps Sophie and demands a multimillion-dollar ransom. With only five days to piece together the money, the crew races the clock to save her.

One sentence from the best review:  “Ocean’s Eleven for the Reddit set, with a twist of Oliver Twist floating in a dirty martini none of the characters are old enough to drink.” – Sean Beaudoin, author of Wise Young Fool

Excerpt from Grift: I stare out the window at an electronic billboard. An advertisement catches my eye. It calls Vegas “Heaven on Earth”. I’ve heard it called heaven on Earth and I’ve heard it called hell on Earth. Neither Madeline nor Max raised me Christian, so I don’t necessarily believe in hell or heaven. But if I did, I’d say Vegas always seemed more like purgatory. The ultimate temptation destination where people are judged on whether they’re going to heaven or hell. Given that I con men who go to prostitutes, would that send me to heaven or hell? Probably neither. I’m destined for purgatory. Destined for Las Vegas.

JM-AuthorPhotoAbout the author: Jason Mosberg lives in Los Angeles where he works as a screenwriter. He has optioned several feature screenplays to independent financiers. He wrote his first novel Grift while staying in cheap hotel rooms in Las Vegas. When he’s not writing, Jason can be found playing soccer, walking, and over analyzing everything. Having grown up in Delaware, Jason attended Wake Forest University before he lit out for the west coast. His top five TV shows of all time are The Wire, Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Six Feet Under, and Twin Peaks. On the book side, he is represented by Andrea Somberg at Harvey Klinger.

  • Tell us a little bit about you as a writer: Brainstorming (the beginning of the process) and editing (the end of the process) fit into my normal routine, but I love getting out of town and cranking out the first draft of a project in an unusual location. I think it’s a fun and efficient way to shock the imagination and get a first draft in a relatively short period of time.
  • Why do you write/enjoy writing? Writing is my way of walking through the world. Writing allows me to embrace the stuff that make me happy and face the things that scare me.
  • What’s the more important thing you’ve learned as a writer? When it comes to writing rules, there are no absolutes.
  • Tell us a quirk about you/why you are different (one thing): I’m obsessed with claw machines. They’re my only vice.

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