Slade House; a bit bonkers, quite scary and oh so well written

slade houseMy rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

I found Slade House by chance on netgalley and didn’t know what to expect (I haven’t read any of David Mitchell’s other books) but once I opened it for a sneak peak, I had to finish it quickly. It was really good; a bit bonkers, quite scary, and oh so well written.

The book starts in 1979 and then each chapter jumps forward 9 years, for a sinister and completely crazy reason that has to do with mind tricks, time warps, telepathy and the notion of living forever. I can’t really explain it properly without sounding nuts myself so suffice to say, it’s an interesting diversion and something very different.

I don’t like books that change points of view throughout but this one is much less noticeable because each chapter is set in exactly the same place geographically so it doesn’t jar and most of the characters in each chapter have a connection to the main character in the last so it follows on coherently. More to the point, each chapter is so bloody well written that you feel as if you’re standing in the pub with them in exactly the period he’s describing. Apparently it’s a companion piece to his much-lauded The Bone Clocks so looks like that’s next up on the list… A stunning novella.

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