The Grownup; really very disappointing


the grown upMy rating: 2 stars (out of 5)

I’m a huge fan of Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl, Dark Places and in particular, Sharp Objects) but The Grownup was a huge disappointment. It’s a short story and I think that’s the problem; the pacing feels off, like Flynn doesn’t quite know how to approach the limited confines of a shorter story. The big reveals feel clumsy and manipulative, the characters are interesting but unclearly defined and we never even meet one of the main characters, which left me feeling cheated. It felt rushed. I had to give her 2 stars because I love her writing and flawed heroines but I can’t recommend it and it’s not worth recapping the plot. Go read one of her others instead…

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2 thoughts on “The Grownup; really very disappointing

  1. I like the cover, though, and now I’m interested in seeing this author’s work. Is this how it works? A bad review actually helps an author? I once received 3 terrible reviews (in a row, as if the reviewers were feeding off each other) on “Winter in July,” a nuclear war novel. Two 2-stars and one 1-star.” That was devastating after getting only good reviews before, and then, low and behold, another reviewer gave me “5” stars and wrote a long review and actually “mentioned” the preceding bad reviews, and even “sort of” okayed them, at least the “why” of them.
    Thanks, Ellen!

    • Hi. I think it does work like that actually; bad reviews can help. I’ve read a lot of books that got bad reviews, where I liked the post and was intrigued… And the cover is great! Thanks for the comment. Ellen

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