The best writing blogs

There are some great writing blogs out there, many covering niche aspects of the writing process as well as the general. The Write Life offers lots of writing advice on how to make a successful living, Write To Done is a little commercial for my taste but valuable, Writers Digest will send you a million emails but again, is useful in parts.

Plus there are a few really great agent blogs that offer indispensable advice on a regular basis. Mary Kole is an ex-agent for YA/children and is now offering editorial advice. Her blog (and book, Writing Irresistible Kidlit) has been really useful. Her advice is pertinent to most genres. Her blog is still live although she doesn’t seem to be posting much these days. Nathan Bransford is an ex-literary agent turned author who has a great blog on the writing process and does a run-down of all things literary every once in a while.

Janet Reid is a literary agent with a great sense of humour and love of cats (I kid you not; they are in all her posts…) She offers real world query questions that she’s received useful for a wider audience (like this one on submitting the first 50 pages) as well as current problems that authors are encountering like this one here on using social media. Books and Such Literary Management have a useful blog on stuff like building your brand, etc. Read it here. And Bent on Books provides a monthly wishlist of what kind of books they’re looking for as well as offering interesting advice on rejections etc.

Hugh Howey’s blog (author of Wool – he’s sold a gazillion books) offers lots of good advice for self-pubbed authors on everything about writing – from overviews in general to how to format an adobe file. Bizarrely, he also throws in exercise workouts and all manner of other stuff about his boat.

Please let me know of any others and I’ll add them to the list.

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