Tech innovation for writers


Tech innovation offers us so much more than just a computer to write and store our stuff. There are tons of new apps and products available to writers. Some tech lets you write, distraction-free. You can buy the Freewrite, a computer masquerading as a typewriter, that’s portable, with an e-paper screen and downloads everything to the cloud (pictured*). Or download an app (freedom) that disables your computer from letting you do anything but type for as long as you tell it (to stop you eating up the hours, surfing the net or going on facebook).

To carve out writing time, you need to be hyper-organised. Todd Moss in How to Write a Novel and Keep Your Day Job swears by Remember The Milk, an app that helps streamline chores, to-do lists, meetings, plans etc. into one place, leaving you free to write when you can.

To do the actual writing, many people swear by Scrivener instead of writing in Word; it has better functionality to order chapters, make revisions, keep notes etc.

And then there are literally hundreds of apps to help at every stage of the writing process. Wendy Kelly lists her top 15 free apps here whilst there’s a more in-depth list for every kind of writing on lifehacker here (for screenplays, editing, journalism, etc.). Plus there are five more here from The list is endless, so do some research on one you like the look of before committing to a new way of working.

And just remember, these are great for when you’re home or connected to wi-fi but nothing beats a paper print-out and a pencil/sharpener when you’re on long journeys. The oldies are still sometimes the best.

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*Photo of the FreeWrite typewriter is taken from their site.



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