Corporate fast-food reading makes me queazy

I love great writing as much as the next girl but I was a little dismissive when I read the US burrito chain, Chipotle, had printed literature on its cups and bags, giving its customers the chance to read something with their lunch. The authors seem like an interesting mix (Malcolm Gladwell, Jonathan Safran Foer, and since Jonathan Franzen) but I hate corporate involvement in my reading habits. It reminds me of when Starbucks became more interested in selling us CDs than a really good cup of coffee (and don’t get me started on their tea…). It all just seems so condescending, like we can’t decide what to read ourselves. Foer states that he offered to do the service because the company didn’t use advertising on its bags, unlike McDonalds, besides, he adds, “a lot of those people don’t have access to libraries”. Could he be any more patronising?  Chipotle, I love your burritos, but please leave my reading decisions to me.

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2 thoughts on “Corporate fast-food reading makes me queazy

  1. I really, really, liked what you said, Ellen, and agree. Give me a good cup of coffee and I’ll choose what to read. I’ve been to Starbucks once, but I’ve been hearing about their…not cool ideas for a while.

  2. Hi Ellen, the food is as disgusting as the writing. Bring your own books. And watch out for the ingredients they are better in Europe than the U.S.
    who appears not to care about any health issues except making money.

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