WordPress; choosing between .com and .org

I say it a lot. Writing is a habit and there’s no better writing habit than writing a blog. Many people choose wordpress to create their blog (they’re the brand leader) but question is, do you choose wordpress.com or wordpress.org. What’s the difference and why should you care?

Well, there are some obvious differences and mostly it depends on what you want to do with your blog. Wordpress.com is hosted and org isn’t, so that means that you would have to find someone to host your site for you for a monthly fee if you choose .org (wordpress will also do this for you). So why go .org? Well, it’s all about functionality; there are things you can do with .org that you cannot with .com.

So basically, if it’s just a family blog or for close friends, choose .com; it’s easier. Everything is done for you. But if you plan to do more creative things, you might want to think about .org. A key way to increase readership is to have a pop-up that pops onto the screen to ask people to subscribe to your site. This isn’t possible on .com. Also some essential apps (e.g. Spotify) don’t work in .com. There are cheats around this (I cut and paste a spotify picture of playlists, for instance, which clicks through to spotify’s site and plays the music that way instead) but you always have to rely on the reader being patient enough to click through to someone else’s site.

If you are planning to grow a blog into something that takes advertising (if it’s successful enough) then you’ll probably want to go the .org route. You’ll want to grow readership more than .com will allow. You’ll also want to enhance search terms so people can find you better – again, this functionality is improved the .org way. WordPress have a simple 101 on the differences here.

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