How to pitch your self-published book to mainstream agents

wordle my blog sept 14Having found an agent to represent my book and then having lost her again (it’s a long story) and because I’m currently still waiting for other agents to read the full manuscript that they’ve requested, I decided to continue with my plan to self-publish. This isn’t because I think I can do a better job than traditional publishing houses, but more because I wanted feedback on my writing before I started the next book, and because I thought it sounded like a challenge to see if I could singlehandedly make decisions on marketing, advertising, strategy, etc. It also felt like I was making progress (although with the amount involved and how much I’ve had to learn – quickly – I appreciate that the latter reason was completely misguided!)Continue Reading

How to write taglines/loglines

guardian's writing rulesIt’s the famous Mark Twain quote, “I didn’t have time to write you a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead”. When aspiring authors get asked, “What’s your book about?”, it’s usually the time we scrunch up our face and tell people we prefer not to say, it’s bad luck, or we go shy. Most of the time, I think it’s because we can’t reduce what the hell we’ve spent months writing into one or two simple sentences.Continue Reading

Social media basics for authors

photo 2It seems that every author and their dog needs to be skilled in social media these days… twitter, tumblr, facebook, vine, etc. Not to mention the fact that we’re all supposed to have author pages on google+, goodreads, amazon, smashwords and so on. I’m going to be listing some of the articles that offer some help in navigating the tricky minefield of marketing for authors, starting with this one here. It’s by Amber Stanley (on the BookBaby blog) and lists 5 helpful points as a starter guide…Continue Reading