Worldbuilding – pimping your premise

kidlitEx-literary agent Mary Kole is full of useful expertise on her frequently brilliant blog ( and I think this is one of the most interesting in regards to worldbuilding, entitled “Pimp your premise”. The gist is simple – if you spend most of the book building a world with a surprise ending, you’ve more than likely missed a trick. Much better to sell the world you’ve created up front, rather than hiding it. It’s great advice and you can find it here, although I’ve reproduced the entire article in full below.Continue Reading

Common fiction-writing mistakes


I read a lot of advice on how to write but more often than not, it’s never in the same place. It’s frustrating but I guess a bit obvious – everyone has a different idea of what works for them and if we had a definitive article, then everyone else would have to stop writing theirs or maybe that would be called a book? So, here’s my list of useful writing tips from a variety of sources (attributed and linked back to the authors and source material).Continue Reading