The stuff we (don’t) need

It’s difficult for authors today, right? You want to have a blog to convince people that you can write, that you’re an interesting person, with an interesting blah blah blah and you want to increase your online presence (that dark art) which will ultimately direct people to your books. The problem is, what can you write about day after day?Continue Reading

2015; the year to read better

nyr 4I’ve seen a lot of posts by bloggers over the past two weeks outlining what they plan to read in 2015 and why; most of them have a jaw-dropping amount of books to cover, many across lots of wonderfully varied reading challenges, which is great. I keep track of what I’ve read through the Goodreads Reading Challenge and I certainly debated pushing harder and going for a much higher number than last year (I had 36 as a goal and read 48) but then I remembered that I wanted to read a greater variety of books and I didn’t want to feel the way I felt last year, bogged down by how much reading I had set myself to do and getting irritated when I didn’t achieve it. There’s a great article on The Huffington Post about reading competitively, which really struck a cord.Continue Reading