Get reviews; give and take

nyr 3If you’re a self-published author, it’s the hardest thing in the world to get reviews but it’s also the only thing you need to start your writing career. I’ve been approached by people to see if I wanted to enter into a review exchange (I review theirs and they review mine) but I don’t think this is the best approach (how can you be honest if you want a good review yourself?) and I think it gives the self-pubbed industry a bad reputation. I also think we can do better.

In order to encourage more reviews, I think we should review some books ourselves (just not in a direct exchange). So, here’s what I propose if you want your book reviewed:

1) List your book here in the comments section. Be concise, e.g. YA contemporary thriller, The Sham. Link to Amazon and goodreads.  If it is not a free book and/or easy to find, offer a free review copy to anyone who replies to your comment and is willing to review. They can leave their email address, you send them the book and they read and review.

2) You then need to offer to review someone else’s book. Take one off the list (or wait until one comes up that you like the look of) and read it!

Three rules; 1) If you are a reader, you can review as many books as you like (go on, make us authors happy…) but if you are an author, make sure that you read at least one book; 2) Leave a review on Amazon and post the link afterwards in your existing thread below – make sure you say in your review that you received the book in exchange for an honest review; and 3) Be constructive and courteous at all times. It’s a little give and take. You scratch my back and I’ll scratch the next person’s on the list…

If anyone can add to this idea to make it better, please mention how below.

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