Me, myself & I

I’ve loved reading ever since I discovered Enid Blyton in a corner of my classroom. The Magic Faraway Tree, anyone? I wrote my first book at age seven, called “Me, myself and I” detailing all the things that I loved to do (reading Enid Blyton, writing books about hobbits, making lists about books…)

I write contemporary YA thrillers in the south of France and am pretty obsessed with how all the pieces fit together – the planning, the plot, the rules, the imagination, the characters, the grammar, the structure, the endgame… there’s too much stuff to remember and a lot of the information that I’ve discovered about how to write isn’t that good or even well written (oh, the irony in reading advice on writing that isn’t well written…) Plus, that’s only the beginning. As a self-published author, there’s so much more to know about marketing and selling your books too.

So I decided I needed to find somewhere to store the good stuff. Then it occurred to me that other people might find it useful too. So here it is. My online reference tool of all the useful (i.e. good) advice for writers-to-be that I’ve collected on how to write, submit & publish really good fiction.

The Sham_ cover

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