Hugh Howey’s Advice to Aspiring Authors


If you’re planning to write a novel and self-publish it, you can do much worse than checking out Hugh Howey’s post on Advice To Aspiring Authors. I’ve printed it in its entirety here but all copyright obviously rests with the man himself. It’s a great overview of self-pubbing vs. the traditional landscape and obviously (as a successful self-pubbed author) he’s a little biased. Essential reading.Continue Reading

“Write a book in 30 days” with The Guardian

wordle_jan24The Guardian ran a series in 2012 on how to go about the planning of writing a book. Even if you don’t think you can do it in the suggested 30 days (!), the advice they offer before beginning is great, covering brainstorming, character sketches, research and plot development. You can find the series on the Guardian website here – it may be a useful tool for nanowrimo too.

BBC Writers Room


bbc postThe BBC writersroom is a brilliant resource for aspiring writers of any kind, offering writing tips (such as How to Write a Script), the opportunity to read the best scripts and an overview of new writing opportunities in the UK. Its Script Room occasionally opens its doors to new submissions in categories such as Film, TV drama, TV Comedy, Radio drama, Radio comedy, Children’s drama and Children’s comedy. For more info on how to apply/what they’re looking for, etc. read here.