Guide to self-publishing, part 4: strategy and timeline

bbc postThere are lots of different strategies you can use to self-publish your book and different things work for different people. It’s worth saying that what works for a historical fantasy novel might not work for a YA crime thriller so the strategy I’ve proposed in this 4-part guide to self-pubbing might need to be modified on an author by author basis.* This is the final part in this series, but as it involves your overall strategy, the intention is that all four posts are part of a circular process (you need a strategy and timeline in order to prepare and market your book, etc.). Having followed what others are doing, there are some generalisations that I’ve taken that I think might work across the board:

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Guide to self-publishing, part 3: marketing


mark 2So, what do you need to market your book? Step one – a great novel, for sure, with a brilliant cover. If you don’t have that, you’ll only get so far, no matter how hard you push. People need to like it.

Step two – you need reviews (before your book comes out) and finally, step three – you need to direct people to buy your book. Easy, huh?

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Guide to self-publishing, part 1: preparation


star part i

So, you’ve spent months/years/decades writing your book and for whatever reason(s), you’ve decided to self-publish. So what now? Here’s what I’ve learnt about the preparation part (that it would have been nice to know before…)Continue Reading