The Writing Process; when “good enough” is good enough


I used to work as a Director in a London-based consultancy firm and my job – amongst other things – was to write a ton of reports for our clients. The process of running environmental projects isn’t too dissimilar from writing a book. Believe it or not they share similar phases: there’s a puzzle that needs solving (a real-life problem or a fictional story); you complete loads of research; map out the narrative; get the first draft down; discuss it with other people; edit like crazy; and complete the final document. The only difference with books is that you get to use your imagination considerably more. And dare I say it. It’s a little more fun…Continue Reading

10 tips for a clean manuscript

photo (2)Here’s a great article on the Books & Such blog about any last minute checks you need to do to your submission regarding common grammar mistakes. It’s a good checklist (one of many!) which can be found on the blog here. I’ve attached the full article below.Continue Reading

Revision checklist

Credit: Wikipedia

Credit: Wikipedia

Found a great revision checklist on Nathan Bransford’s blog (he’s a US author and former literary agent) covering everything that needs to be considered in the revision process, e.g. pacing, voice, writing tics, descriptions, tenses, etc. It’s a really comprehensive list and completely invaluable. The blog entry can be read here but the checklist is provided below in full.Continue Reading