How to pitch your self-published book to mainstream agents

wordle my blog sept 14Having found an agent to represent my book and then having lost her again (it’s a long story) and because I’m currently still waiting for other agents to read the full manuscript that they’ve requested, I decided to continue with my plan to self-publish. This isn’t because I think I can do a better job than traditional publishing houses, but more because I wanted feedback on my writing before I started the next book, and because I thought it sounded like a challenge to see if I could singlehandedly make decisions on marketing, advertising, strategy, etc. It also felt like I was making progress (although with the amount involved and how much I’ve had to learn – quickly – I appreciate that the latter reason was completely misguided!)Continue Reading

10 tips for a clean manuscript

photo (2)Here’s a great article on the Books & Such blog about any last minute checks you need to do to your submission regarding common grammar mistakes. It’s a good checklist (one of many!) which can be found on the blog here. I’ve attached the full article below.Continue Reading

Agent queries that worked

succ query lettersMost of the stuff written about writing is pretty useless (another ten rules on writing by so and so, anyone?) trudging out the same trite copy (like rule number ten, forget about the rules) and blah, blah, blah. I also have mixed views on; they seem to bombard me with once-in-a-lifetime marketing opportunities every twenty seconds but once in a while some of their output is really good. Take this column. It offers more than 60 examples of successful query letters and a response from the agents about why the letters were so good. You can’t ask for more useful than that.

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