Useful books for writers

Here are some of the more useful books that I’ve discovered for writers, each helpful in their own way, and at different stages of the process. Stephen King’s book “On Writing” is for me the most seminal of all and the best place to start on getting to grips with the process of writing (how much to write, where to write, the idea of having a writer’s toolbox, for instance). Mary Kole’s book “Writing Irresistible Kidlit” is a phenomenally helpful aid to anyone writing YA or middle grade books (although I think the points she make are just as useful to any genre, just with different examples). She gives really useful pointers for all aspects of a novel – beginnings, endings, character development, etc. and as an ex-literary agent her expertise really comes through. Tim Grahl’s book is a short and concise overview of how to go about marketing your book and should be read by everyone about to self-publish (ideally a little beforehand!) – he has worked with several successful self-published authors such as Hugh Howey.

Click on each book for more information from goodreads.

first 1000 copiesstephen kingkidlit


If you know of any further books (and I’m sure there are plenty), please feel free to make suggestions in the comments section below (please, no self promotion!). I’ll be adding to the list as and when I find more.

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